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Water Safety Tips for Pool Owners

Posted by The WiFi Pool Solutions Team on Jul 5, 2017 8:54:58 AM

kid-1401157_1280.jpgSwimming and other water based activities are incredibly popular in the United States, and worldwide. And why not? They are tons of fun!

But water activities are also dangerous. That is why, if you are one of the many who like spending time poolside, it is important that you take all of the necessary precautions to stay safe!

We’d like to share some safety tips that will ensure you and your family stay safe this swimming season!

Pool Rules

Before letting anybody jump into your swimming pool for a refreshing swim, it is important that you have a set of pool rules to prevent accidents. Here are some rules, you can include, that will ensure everyone stays safe:

  1. Never swim alone – always make sure someone is with you in case something happens
  2. Don’t swim without permission
  3. Children should always be supervised
  4. Don’t use electric appliances around the pool
  5. No diving in the shallow end (or the deep end if it is not deep enough)
  6. No running near the pool
  7. Keep the deck area clean
  8. Don’t push others into the pool
  9. Keep animals out of the pool
  10. Keep the pool gate locked when you aren’t home
  11. Keep a floatation device and phone near the pool
  12. Ensure you have a first aid kit available

Install a Fence

In many places, you must legally have a fence around your pool. But even if it is not required by law, installing a fence is a good idea. 

Children are nimble and can quickly find a way into the pool without you knowing. Installing a fence with a locked gate makes it more difficult for them to get to the pool unknowingly. Similarly, it stops people from accidentally falling into the pool at night and acts as a deterrent for others who may use your pool without permission.

Install Lighting

Lighting ensures that the pool is always visible, which keeps everyone safe when swimming at night and also makes it easy to see if someone is using the pool at night, without supervision. There are many motion detector lights and security cameras available that will notify you if someone is intruding in your pool area.

Invest in Swimming Lessons

The best way to keep your family safe, around the pool, is to make sure that they know how to swim. It is never too early or too late to invest in swimming lessons.

While pool floats and life jackets can be useful, they should not be a permeant solution, nor should they be used as a substitute for supervision. If you think your kids are ready to swim, look into getting them swimming lessons.  

For more safety tips, check out our blog – 10 Tips for Staying Safe Around Your Swimming Pool!

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