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10 Tips for Staying Safe Around Your Swimming Pool

Posted by The WiFi Pool Solutions Team on Oct 7, 2016 3:06:45 PM

Boy Swimming Safely in PoolSwimming pools offer up lots of summer time fun but they also come with lots of opportunities to slip, fall and get hurt. There are a lot of things you can do to decrease the chances of an accident occurring, so to help make this swimming season safer, we have compiled a list of safety tips:

  1. Install a Fence
    To ensure that nobody falls into your swimming pool unintentionally, always surround the pool areas with a self-latching fence. This will ensure that someone won’t unknowingly run into the pool area, increasing the chances of an accident and will stop young children from getting into the pool unattended. In fact, most municipalities have by-laws regarding fence installation around pools.
  1. Invest in a Pool Alarm
    If you are worried that someone will go into the pool without supervision or permission, install a pool alarm. It will alert you anytime someone enters the swimming pool.
  1. Maintain a Clean Pool
    To reduce the risk of ear infections, rashes and other pool related ailments, ensure that your pool is kept clean and that the water is treated, circulated and filtered regularly.

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  1. But Don’t Overdo It
    While chemicals can ensure that your pool is clean, too many can be harmful. It is important that you check the chemical levels regularly to ensure that they are at a safe level. If the levels are too high, stop adding the chemical, add a neutralizing chemical to the water and replace some of the current pool water with fresh untreated water.
  1. Store Chemicals Out of Reach
    Although pool chemicals are safe to swim in, you do not want children or pets getting into them. Ensure they are stored as per the label, in a safe space and out of reach from children.
  1. Have Pool Rules
    You don’t have to go as far as having a sign listing all of your pool rules, as with public swimming pools, but you should have some general rules that all swimmers know to follow. And they should be enforced. Need help getting started? Stick to the basics:
      • No diving
      • Don’t play with drain covers
      • No pushing
      • No running
      • Always swim with a buddy
      • An adult must be present
  1. Invest in Swimming Lessons
    If you have the time to teach your kids how to swim, that is great! If not, consider swimming lessons. It might seem like a silly cost when you have all the tools at home, but it will add an extra level of safety (and peace of mind) to your pool experience, if you know that everyone can swim!
  1. Supervise the Children
    No matter how good your kids are at swimming, they should always be supervised by someone who knows what to do in the case of an accident. You never know when children might injury themselves or get to rowdy, so always have a supervisor!
  1. Add Some Lighting
    Even if you don’t plan on using your pool at night, you want to have enough lighting to ensure everyone can see the pool safely. This includes lights in the pool so that you can see the bottom clearly, in case of an accident.
  1. Tidy Up
    Nobody wants to stop swimming to keep the pool area clean but to stop any accidental trips and falls, you should always keep the pool area toy and debris free. That way you can keep your loved ones, and your toys, safe!

The fact is that you will never be able to stop every accident from happening, but by ensuring you keep the pool are clean, safe and well lit, you can help reduce the risks. And while there are many other tips for staying safe by the poolside, these will hopefully start you on your way to having a safe and fun pool season!  

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