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Reduce Your Energy Consumption with HeaterReader's™ Custom Schedules

Posted by The WiFi Pool Solutions Team on Feb 24, 2017 2:25:40 PM

Never jump into a cold pool again with heaterreader smart pool automationAs a swimming pool owner, you know how quickly your energy bill can add up when your pool is open for the season.

You also probably know that one of the biggest culprits of increased energy consumption is your swimming pools heater.

Luckily, there are ways you can reduce your heater usage to lower your energy consumption, and in turn your energy bill. The problem is, these may not be optimal solutions. 

You could lower the pool’s running temperature.

Or, you could turn off the heat during the week – I mean you don’t have time to swim between work, family and other priorities.

What about just turning the pool down while you are out of the house or asleep – you don’t plan on using the pool then.

While all of these options will help you reduce your energy consumption, they aren’t very intuitive.

Firstly, who really wants to get into a cool pool? While some people may be okay with this, most have a set temperature that they like their pool to be at.

Secondly, while turning the pool off when you aren’t around to use it is a bit more practical, it can take a while for you pool to get back to the right temperature and, if you decide to jump in last minute, you are back to swimming in a cold pool.

So, how do you reduce your energy bill while ensuring your pool is always the right temperature when you need it?

You install SMART swimming pool automation.

With HeaterReader’s™ customizable 7-day programming feature, you can program your heater to operate on your schedule.

This helps to ensure that your pool is ready when you want to swim, without worrying about your swimming pool equipment running when the pool is not in use.

As a result, you will see a reduction in your energy usage and expenses.

Best of all, the HeaterReader™ also lets you set schedule for your pump. This means you can save even more, by running your pump less frequently.

Plus, it couldn’t be easier to program your schedules. Simply log-in to the HeaterReader’s™ App, from anywhere in the world, and set your schedules.

Had a busy day and want to go for a last minute swim to relax when you get home? Simply open the app on your mobile phone or desktop and turn the heater up manually. By the time you get home, your pool will be good to go.

Want to try it for yourself, check out the HeaterReader™ App Demo.

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