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14 Interesting Swimming Facts

Posted by The WiFi Pool Solutions Team on Nov 17, 2016 4:32:11 PM

sport-swimmer-swim-crawl-163306.jpegSwimming has been around for a very long time.

(We'll let you know just how long, if you keep reading!)

It’s no surprise, then, that swimming has a history filled with tons of interesting, and maybe even useful, facts!

Here are 14 to get you started!

Hair Creates Friction In Water

That is why professional swimmers shave their hair or wear swim caps. It creates less friction, which allows them to move faster!

Olympic Swimming Used To Be For Men Only

Swimming has been an Olympic sport since 1896 but it wasn’t until 1912 that women started to participate in this competitive sport, at the Olympics.

Swimming Burns More Calories Than Running Or Biking

Energetic swimming for an hour can burn up to 784 calories, depending on the stroke. Biking only burns 483 calories and hour and running burns 557. *

Swimming Gives You A Full Body Workout

Not only does swimming burn calories, it improves flexibility, strengthens your heart and lungs and strengthens all your major muscles. It also aids in mental wellbeing! That is what I call a workout

The Most Popular Stroke Is The Crawl

In fact, it is the stroke of choice for freestyle competitions and triathlons! That is because the front crawl is the fastest swimming stroke. 

Marco Polo Isn't Just A Famous Traveler

Marco Polo is also the most popular swimming game! One person closes their eyes and tries to tag the other players. The only way to find the other players is by saying “Marco”, to which everyone else responds “Polo”.

Not everyone Knows How to Swim

In fact, 65% of American’s cannot swim!

The First Ocean Liner With A Pool Is Under Debate

Two ships, the RMS Adriatic and the Titanic, are both thought to have been the first ocean liner with a pool.

The Largets Pool Is Located In Morocco

The Orthlied Pool in Casablanca, Morocco is 480 meters (1,574 feet) by 75 meters (246 feet) and takes up an area of 8.9 acres. That is alsmost 7 full football fields!

You Could Swim In A Different Pool Every Day For Almost 2 Years At One Resort

One Resort in Port Dickson, Malaysia has 643 swimming pools and that isn’t even including the private swimming pools at each villa!

Born After 2011? You Still Have A Chance To Be The Youngest World Champion

Ian Thorpe, from Australia, became the youngest swimmer to be a world champion in 1998 when he won the men’s 400m freestyle.

Swimming Races Have Been Around For a While…And We Mean A While

While England turned swimming into a competitive sport in the 1800s, Japan held the first recorded race in 36 BCE. That’s 2052 years ago!

But Swimming Has Been Around Even Longer Than That

Drawings that showed people swimming were found in Egypt and are believed to be from 2500 BCE!

And Because 13 Facts Would Be Unlucky

Did you know that Florence Chadwick Swam from France to England in just over 13 hours? And, she was born in San Diego, California!

Here are 8 More Interesting Facts

*based on a 125 pound person

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