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Peace of mind. Only $695

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 Revolutionary Swimming Pool Hardware & App

Control Your Pool Pump & Heater Via Your Phone From Anywhere In The World!

The HeaterReader is smart pool hardware with an App that gives you remote access to any gas, propane or electric swimming pool heater and pump - without the expensive and complex installation that is required by other devices. 

Once your HeaterReader™ has been installed, simply download our HeaterReader™ App and you'll be able to monitor, control and manage your home pool equipment easily.

If you're a pool dealer or property manager managing multiple pools, you'll be able to control all your pools, from anywhere in the world.


How HeaterReader™ Works


Connect the HeaterReader to your pool heater and pool pump

HeaterReader connects to your pool's heater and pump


HeaterReader will send data to your HeaterReader App

Data syncs to your HeaterReader account in real-time


manage heater reader by setting timers and alerts and monitor your spending

Manage your pool from anywhere using the HeaterReader App


It's Really That Simple.

Why Buy The HeaterReader™?

It Gives You Ultimate Control Over Your Swimming Pool Heater and Pump!

  • Save Money

    Our App tells you how much you're spending to heat your pool, so you can adjust your heater's schedule and save!
  • Stay Connected

    Monitor and manage your pool’s heater and pump, 24/7, with the HeaterReader™ App or Control Centre - Wherever you are!
  • No Suprises

    Something's wrong with your heater or pump? Find out in real-time with custom emails and notifications sent to your phone!
  • Jump Right In

    Set schedules to ensure your pool is ready to enjoy when you're ready, or adjust it manually for an unplanned swim!

Here's How The HeaterReader™ Saves You Money...

The HeaterReader™ is the ultimate swimming pool App to save you money!

With our 7-day programming feature (including 12 personalized timers), you can program your heater and pump to operate on YOUR schedule. This means that your pool will be at the perfect temperature whenever you get in, without having to run the heater constantly - creating huge savings!

Then, with our proprietary cost analysis software, you can monitor how much you're spending to heat your pool, in real time! Simply input your information and the HeaterReader will do the math for you. There will be no more stressing over your energy bills - you'll know exactly what you're spending, on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis - allowing you to easily adjust the heater schedule to save.

And, if that isn't enough, our real-time notifications let you know when your heater is operating properly, and when it's not, allowing you identify a problem before it becomes a major repair expense!

Watch The HeaterReader™ Video!

Interested in learning more about HeaterReader™ and it's many benefits?
Check out our video!

HeaterReader™ Features:

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Our App tells you how much you're spending to operate your pool so you can adjust your heater schedules and save! 

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Get real-time emails when the system starts up or when something is wrong, so that you can solve the issue promptly!

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With 7-day App programming you can set up to 12 personalized timers to meet your family's pool preferences.

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Simple installation for indoor or outdoor systems and there is no need to tear up landscaping to run new electrical wiring.

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The HeaterReader is designed for the retrofit pool market, and can be easily connected to any indoor or outdoor pool system.

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With the HeaterReader you don't need your heater always running. Instead, set it when you need it and save energy.

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