HeaterReader™ Control Centre To Revolutionize Pool Management At The 2017 Pool & Spa Show

New Pool Management Technology Is A Pool Industry Game Changer – Allowing Remote Management of Hundreds of Pool Heaters & Pumps – Offering New Retro-Fit Sales and Service Revenue Opportunities

ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey – January 22, 2017 – WiFi Pool Solutions (www.heaterreader.com), a company revolutionizing the ability to centrally manage and control swimming pools, is pleased to announce that they will be at the 2017 Pool & Spa Show in Atlantic City, from January 24 to 26 – Booth #2703. The main venue for the Pool & Spa Show is the Atlantic City Convention Center. 

At the show, WiFi Pool Solutions will be demonstrating HeaterReader™, a revolutionary remote pool control system that allows pool owners and industry professionals to manage and control swimming pool heaters and pumps from their Smart Phone or Computer. HeaterReader™ is now shipping and available online.

“We are excited to be bringing the HeaterReader™ back to Atlantic City this year,” said Tanya Leshuk, General Manager, WiFi Pool Solutions Inc. “Our smart pool technology offers features that have never been seen in pool automation, including our proprietary cost analysis software, and our instant notification feature.”

The HeaterReader™ is an easy-to-install device that attaches to any pool pump and heater systems and, through a WiFi connection, connects with a smart phone app, giving pool owners remote access to their pool’s heater and pump from anywhere in the world.

The HeaterReader™ allows pool owners to set customizable schedules. This means that their pool will be at the perfect temperature when they are ready to jump in, without having to run the heater constantly - saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint. 

The HeaterReader™ also offers revolutionary pool functionality that has not been seen in pool automation from larger systems.

Not only does HeaterReader™ offer proprietary cost analysis software that will tell pool users how much they’re spending to heat their pool - but it also sends out real-time email notifications to inform them about the operating status of the pool heater and pump systems, or if there is a problem when something has gone amiss.

And there is more. For pool industry dealers, pool distributors, pool service providers, property managers and individual pool professionals, looking to grow and scale their business – the HeaterReader™ is available with a HeaterReader™ Control Centre, which allows hundreds of swimming pools to be managed with one easy-to-use software interface!

Don Freer, Director of Operations, WiFi Pool Solutions adds, “The HeaterReader™ Control Centre is an industry game changer that will allow pool professionals to remotely manage hundreds of their clients’ swimming pools. They will be able to monitor and respond to client pool problems immediately when pool equipment issues arise, (sometimes before the client knows there is a problem), by dispatching service staff to go onsite and fix the issue. This is a definite time saver. Additionally, they will be able to schedule and regulate client pool heaters and pumps remotely, giving them control of pool temperature and the related money savings.”

HeaterReader™ is a must-have pool management tool, providing pool professionals and their clients with peace of mind, while helping to increase service sales, use time more effectively, and resolve issues before they become major problems. All of which will help provide a higher level of customer service.

The Pool & Spa Show is targeted at pool industry professionals and features live demonstrations, technical training, industry certification courses, insights into best industry practices and the opportunity to review hundreds of products and services.

About WiFi Pool Solutions
HeaterReader™ is a revolutionary new technology for managing pool heaters and pool pumps. The HeaterReader™ consists of easy-to-install hardware, a mobile phone app, and the optional HeaterReader™ Control Centre, for pool professionals and pool companies who manage numerous client swimming pools. WiFi Pool Solutions is dedicated to bringing smart pool technology to individual consumers, and professional pool companies. WiFi Pool Solutions Inc., (www.heaterreader.com) is headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.


Media Contact:

Tanya Leshuk
General Manager, WiFi Pool Solutions Inc.