Bring The Latest SMART WiFi Pool Technology To Your Customers! 

Are your customers looking for a way to better manage their swimming pools without having to invest in costly units that require complex and time consuming installation? 

We can help!

The HeaterReader™ is a SMART pool automation device that gives pool owners remote access to their heater and pump, using a mobile device or desktop application, from anywhere in the world. 

It offers many of the same features that other automation devices provide, but also includes never before seen features such as cost analysis and instant notifications! 

HeaterReader Device and HeaterReader App

Why Customers Love It

 Custom Schedules 7-day programming means no need for manual operation and saves money!

 Notifications Notifies owner when heater is running or when something goes amiss!

 Easy Install Simple installation means you can connect your HeaterReader™, inside or outside in just 30 minutes.* 

 Cost Analysis Our App calculates approximate spending for easy monitoring and peace of mind!

 Environmentally Friendly Scheduling means that the pump and heater can run less and save energy!

 Anywhere Access Our App let's owners manage their pool from anywhere in the world.

 Low Maintenance The HeaterReader is virtually maintenance free once installed.

Pool Dealers Find Out More!

A New Retrofit Sales and Service Opportunity

With the HeaterReader™ Control Centre, you can monitor your customers' HeaterReaders™ and be the first to know if something has gone wrong. 

HeaterReader Control Centre DashboardWith the HeaterReader™ Control Centre you will:

  • Save time
  • Increase revenues
  • Gain opportunities for superior customer service
  • Reduce the need for time-consuming inspections
  • Minimize the effects of unwanted surprises
  • Avoid the Friday night chaos

Control Centre Demo

*more time may be required to connect the HeaterReader to your pool's pump.

If you are interested in purchasing multiple HeaterReader™ units, please contact us for pricing.