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The HeaterReader can be purchased directly from us or we can help put you in touch with a pool dealer in your area. Some dealers may offer the HeaterReader as part of their pool maintenance services - or you can opt to install the device directly and run the App on your smart phone.  

If you'd like to buy a HeaterReader now, click the button below for a secure order system.

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Or if you'd like to contact us about finding a local dealer to discuss the HeaterReader, just fill out the form and we'll get back to you soon.

Did you know about these HeaterReader features?

 Easy Install

Simple installation means you can connect your HeaterReader in just 30 minutes*. And there is no programming, no reason to tear up your landscape or no need to replace your existing electrical.

 Retrofits to Any Pool

The HeaterReader is designed for the retrofit pool market and can be easily installed on any pool heater/pump system.

 Anywhere Access

Manage and monitor your HeaterReader from anywhere in the world using our HeaterReader mobile app or desktop application.

*more time may be required to connect the HeaterReader™ to your pool's pump.

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