Offer The Best Pool Service Possible With The HeaterReader™ Control Centre

The HeaterReader™ Control Centre lets you monitor and manage any number of pools with one easy-to-use interface. You'll be able to see all the pools you manage at-a-glance with a simple dashboard.

Simply connect a HeaterReader™ to your clients’ swimming pool system and you will be able to monitor pool temperatures, manage heater schedules and ensure the entire pool system is operating effectively.

Best of all, you'll receive alerts when something is wrong so that you can diagnose the issue before it becomes a major expense. This means that you can spend less time doing manual inspections and more time running your business.

Manage Multiple Pools as Business

Using the HeaterReader™ Control Centre Dashboard, you can quickly see a summary of all the devices you are monitoring. This includes, the total number of HeaterReaders™ you are managing as well as how many of these devices are not reporting or issuing an error.

You can also see the current water and air temperature of the reporting HeaterReaders™, allowing you to easily determine if a pool is running outside of a preferred range.

To get more specific information about the devices in each section, you can select View Details in the respective box, or select an individual column in the Water or Air Charts.

HeaterReader Details Screen

From any of these groupings, you can then select an individual device to view even more details.

HeaterReader Control Centre for Pool Management

These details range from the devices current status to personal profile prefences.

Specifically, you can view:

  • Current temperature
  • The reporting status of the system
  • Method of control currently activated (scheduled or manual)
  • Whether or not the heater and pump are running
  • If the unit is in service or anti-freeze mode
  • If there is a heater error
  • Device information
  • Customer information 

HeaterReader Control Centre - User Information, Notifications, Schedules

You can also verify which notification settings have been activated and what the current schedules are. 

To change these details you must be in the modify screen, which is accessed using the green button at the bottom of the screen. This ensures that setting are not inadvertently altered while you and your employees are reviewing the device details.

You can also look at the HeaterReader™'s Activity screen, which is shown below, or the Cost Analysis Charts, which are similar to those available in the App.

The Cost Analysis feature allows you and your client to see how much it is costing to heat the pool on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

In Rental Situations, having access to accurate heating expenses provides a mechanism to either set a more accurate flat rate or bill based on usage. Both options ensure that the renter can have flexibility and the owner can have peace of mind.

Control Centre Pool Management

The Activity Page provides details on each time the heater was activated and deactivated including the temperature at those times and the approximate energy cost the customer acquired for that time.

This screen allows you to verify that the system is running smoothly and identify any anomolies.

HeaterReader Contol Centre Demo