We're Experts In Swimming Pools

We know pools. We’ve owned pools, we’ve serviced pools, we’ve been immersed in the pool industry for most of our careers.

That is why we knew that a product like the HeaterReader™ didn’t exist and why we knew it was needed.

When we started in the pool industry, we were service providers in a unique position. Unlike many pool dealers, we were certified in gas and electrical.  We were preferred by industry professionals because we were an all-in-one resource.

When automation made its introduction, we had all the required knowledge and experience to become leaders in that arena as well. We saw firsthand the benefit automation provided but we were also very aware of the shortfalls when it came to the retrofit market. We saw our customers' needs and recognized that there was an opportunity. 

We soon began discussing and designing our HeaterReader device, exchanging ideas and imagining how it would look, feel and function. Time went by and our idea grew. It started as a thermostat control that would let pool owners operate their heater from inside their home, and soon adapted into a mobile app that would allow pool owners to manage their pump and heater from anywhere in the world.

We considered the frustrations of our customers, and the ones we had experienced ourselves, and eventually came up with the HeaterReader™, a SMART WiFi control device that retrofits to any pump or heater!

Check out the HeaterReader™ today!