HeaterReader™ Is Going To Atlantic City, New Jersey!

And We're Bringing Our Newest Sales and Service Opportunity With Us!

We're excited to announce that we'll be in Atlantic City, New Jersey January 24th to 26th, exhibiting at the 2017 Pool & Spa Show.

We will be demonstrating the HeaterReader™ Smart Pool Automation device and introducing the HeaterReader™ Control Centre

HeaterReader Device and Mobile App

Pool automation is a growing market but there are limited, viable, options for managing older pool equipment and modernizing its control!

We're changing that! 

With HeaterReader™, your customers will be able to control their pool heater and pump from anywhere in the world with our easy-to-use mobile app!

They will be able to adjust temperatures, set schedules and monitor spending with our one-of-a-kind cost analysis software that tells them how much they are spending, as they spend it. 

HeaterReader™ is also the only device that will send instant email notifications, to the user, letting them know whether their pool equipment is operating properly. 

We're Changing The Way Pool Professionals Do Business!

Not only is HeaterReaderan easy-to-install, simple-to-use device that can be retrofitted to any pool, it also provides you with the opportunity to manage and monitor multiple pools from the optional HeaterReader™ Control Centre

Whether the pools are inside or out, you will be able to monitor temperatures, manage schedules, ensure your equipment is operating effectively and be the first to know if something has gone amiss, from anywhere in the world. 

HeaterReader Control Centre

This means more time, increased revenues, superior customer service and less inspections! 

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Or come check us out at the Pool & Spa Show on January 24th to 26th. We are at Booth #2703!

Learn More About HeaterReader™

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 January 24 to 26, 2017
Booth #: 2703


Set Schedules

Using the HeaterReader™ Control Centre or HeaterReader™ mobile app, you can set schedules to reduce energy consumption and save money. 

Notifications and Error Alerts

No more surprises! The HeaterReader™ can deliver real time notifications that tell you when your system is running and, more importantly, when there is a problem!

Cost Analysis

Our proprietary software does the math for you meaning that you can control how much you spend to heat your pool. In a rental situation, this means that landlords will be able to bill renters, more accurately, for their use of the swimming pool and pool heater!

Simple Installation

The HeaterReader™ is designed for the retrofit pool market and can be easily installed on any heater or pump in just 30 minutes* - without tearing up your landscape to run new electrical.

 Low Maintenance The HeaterReader™ is virtually maintenance free once installed.

 Environmentally Friendly

The HeaterReader lets you use your pool without having it running all of the time so you can reduce your carbon footprint (and energy bill).

*more time may be required to connect the HeaterReader to your pool's pump.