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Swimming Pool Trends We Saw in 2017

Posted by The WiFi Pool Solutions Team on Dec 7, 2017 10:00:00 AM

pexels-photo-170156.jpegAcross 2017 we saw a lot of different trends for swimming pools, and we’ve collected together a list to share with you. Even the smallest additions to a backyard pool area can make a big difference, from darker pools to environmental awareness, to the backyard oasis, so here’s our favourites.

Underwater Technology

As a whole, this year was massive for technology, and in the pool industry, we saw a huge boom in underwater technology. Underwater LED lighting has been in the industry for a while but it has become very popular this year, creating a more unique look for your pool, especially with 100s of different variants available. The real change came in the underwater speaker industry, and the increase of pool owners who wanted to listen to their own music, or the radio, while in and around their pools. Speakers and lighting can be retrofitted to pools or installed into new ones.

Darker Pools

For decades pools have been known to have light colours, normally blues or whites to make the water look clear and inviting. 2017 saw a shift towards darker colours. Pools are now leaning towards a more contemporary look with these darker colours. Along with the ascetic differences, the darker colours retain more of the sun’s heat lowering your pool heating costs.

Fire Features

BBQs have been commonplace in the backyard for years, and really help make a house a home. This year we saw a dramatic increase in other features. More and more pool owners are working in fire features into their pool or backyard area. And nothing is hotter than juxtaposing the water with fire, from fire pits, to fire bowls to outdoor fireplaces, to provide practical illumination as well as a mediterranean ambience to your pool area.

Smaller Pools

Another trend that has increased this year is the popularity of smaller pools, such as plunge pools or resistance pools. These have a focus on certain elements, the former being the depth instead of width and length, and the latter being for swim training or physical therapy. These smaller pools allow for more space for other backyard elements, especially if you’re working with a smaller space and don’t want your pool taking up the majority of it. Smaller pools are often tailored to the unique needs of the owner and allow for a more seamless blended look.


On a similar note to the previous point, working with more bespoke spaces and including Baja Shelves or Ledges can really make a pool feel like a resort. These ledges provide the pool users with perfect spots to relax and sunbathe without being submerged as most ledges are around 12 inches (30cm) deep. Some of the designs even work in pool furniture into the shelf’s design to create an ideal relaxation spot.


The last (but not least!) was the popular trend for pool automation, with the majority of pool owners wanting to be able to remotely monitor their pool from their phone. Now you can heat your pool for when you get home from work or back from a trip.

Our pool automation system HeaterReader is an easy to install and smart wireless device that syncs up to your phone and is less costly than other models on the market.

Drop us a line and we’d love to tell you more about HeaterReader and how we can improve your pool with automation.  

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