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How Do I Charge Renters for Their Use of the Pool?

Posted by Tanya Leshuk on Mar 29, 2017 12:49:40 PM

How to determine how much it is costing to heat your pool at a vacation propertyVacation properties are a great investment. They provide you with a second home in your favourite vacation spot, and when you aren’t there, you can rent the property to earn some additional income.

However, one of the biggest issues that arise, when renting out the property, is figuring out how to charge renters for their use of the swimming pool, specifically the heating system.

 Some vacation property rentals don’t charge anything to heat the pool. While this is very generous, it can burn a hole in your own pocket very quickly.

To remedy this issue, some rental units will charge a flat rate. There flat rates are often based on previous tenancies or the “going rate” among property owners in your area.

Alternatively, some landlords will charge based on usage. Some property owners wait for the energy bill to arrive and then charge the renters or, to improve the timeliness of billing, some owners will note the metre readings, before and after the renters are there, in order to estimate the costs.

While these methods will produce a relatively accurate outcome, they have been known to be disadvantageous. Firstly, they are not always accurate, creating a higher than necessary cost for you, or your tenant. Secondly, as you may have already deduced, not all of these methods are feasible in your situation.

It is no surprise then, that charging for pool usage can be such a headache that some landlords won’t even allow tenants to use the pool heater or they will not allow them to alter the temperature to their preference.

Luckily, we have a simple solution!

With the HeaterReader, you can monitor spending on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis from anywhere in the world using the HeaterReader App.

In rental situations, having access to accurate heating expenses provides a mechanism to either set a more accurate flat rate or bill based on usage. Both options ensure that the renter can have flexibility when operating the pool’s heating system and that the owner is not paying excessive amounts for the heating system.

Not only this, but the HeaterReader will let landlords monitor the status of their pool’s heater, ensuring that the tenant is not leaving the temperature too high or low. Best of all, the HeaterReader will send you real-time notifications when the heater is turned on, and more importantly, when something goes wrong with the system, so that you can contact your pool maintenance provider to resolve the issue before it becomes a major expense, or ruins your tenant’s experience.

As an added bonus, you won’t have to wait for your pool to heat up when you arrive for vacation. With HeaterReader you can ensure that you pool is the perfect temperature when you get there.

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Written by Tanya Leshuk

Topics: Property Management

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