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An Easy Pool Control Solution For Vacation Property Managers

Posted by The WiFi Pool Solutions Team on Aug 8, 2016 11:35:18 AM


Owning a rental property, especially down south, is a great investment. It provides an extra source of income as well as a peaceful, personalized winter get away for the owner. The problem is that it can also be very stressful. Not only do owner’s have to worry about the usual stresses of owning a home away from home, they are constantly having to consider what could go wrong if their renters don’t follow the rules or if something is left unchecked between rental periods.

To help ease the stress, many rental property owners will hire a home watcher or property manager to monitor and maintain their home before, during and after someone has rented it out, as well as in between visits.

If you're the rental property manager in this scenario, you know that this is an involved task and that there are limited tools to help streamline the process.

And with pools being such a substantial home investment, there is little room for mistakes when it comes to ensuring your client’s swimming pool stays in proper running order.

But with so many things that could go wrong, it can get pretty difficult to ensure that this job is done right.

What is your staff isn’t doing proper checks? What if the renters are being irresponsible? Is something going wrong in between your inspections? How bad can a problem get before you catch it? Will a problem come back on you and your company as a bad review, or worse, an unexpected expense? How do you monitor the property without disrupting the renters and possibly ruining their experience?

The list could go on.

And, while you have probably spent many hours dreaming up the benefits that a pool monitoring system could bring, you have been at a loss for finding something to help you do the job right.

Until now!

With the HeaterReader, pool management and monitoring has become much simpler.

Using this wireless pool control technology, you will be able to monitor and manage any number of pools that may be in your property management portfolio. Simply log into the HeaterReader Control Centre and you can quickly review the status of all the pools you manage as well as see which ones are operating effectively and, more importantly, which may be experiencing an issue or error.

This means that you can maintain clients’ equipment, from anywhere, without conducting time consuming checks or interrupting their renters’ relaxation time.

It also means that you will be the first to know when something goes wrong and be able to fix it before the issue turns into a major expense for you or your client.

In addition to all of this, you also have remote access to several features, meaning you can resolve several minor problems without conducting onsite service. The heat’s been left to high or low? The pump’s been turned off? Just go into the Control Centre and make the necessary adjustments.

You will also be able to set schedules and manually adjust the on/off status of the swimming pool’s heater and pump. This means that you can ensure the pool is ready when renters arrive and save your clients money when the property is vacant, by optimizing the heating and circulation schedule.

This task isn’t your responsibility? No problem!

Your clients will also have access, to their individual unit, through the HeaterReader App. It will not only allow them to maintain the preferences they want, it will also give them the ability to quickly review the status of their pool. This means no more phone calls or emails to update the client, unless of course you want to.

Sounds pretty good right?

Get The heaterreader

Start streamlining your property management services today with the HeaterReader, by WiFi Pool Solutions. It will save you time, increase revenues and improve your customer service!

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