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7 Unexpected Gifts To Get For Swimmers and Pool Owners

Posted by The WiFi Pool Solutions Team on Dec 22, 2016 2:50:51 PM

Gifts that pool owners enjoyPool enthusiasts are not usually afraid to buy the things that they want, to make their pool a backyard paradise, and that can sometimes make it difficult to find a gift for them.

Luckily, there are tons of ideas that they may not have even thought of yet. Here are some great pool accessories, technologies, and innovations that you can get for your pool loving friend this year!

Personalized Swimming Pool Décor

One of the great things that comes with online shopping is the ability to buy customized products. From pool signs to personalized to nautical accessories. Etsy is a great site to check out if you want a unique, personalized accessory that can be used to decorate a pool owner’s backyard.

Water Proof Speakers

Waterproof, Bluetooth speakers are a great addition to any pool. It is a safe way to listen to your favourite music without having to worry about splashing and cannon balls. Want to take it a step further? Get them a floating Bluetooth Speaker that can be put right into the pool! Some floating speakers even let you listen to music underwater!

Underwater headphones

Does your friend like listening to music while they swim but doesn’t want to make everyone else listen to it as well? Invest in a set of underwater headphones for this year’s gift. Not only is it super useful, they will be entirely unexpected!

Floating Cooler

When you’re enjoying yourself in the pool, getting out to grab a drink can be monotonous, especially on a windy day when the chill hits you! But, if you buy a pool owner a floating cooler, they will no longer have to step out of the pool to take a drink or get a refill.

Plus, you will get to use it when you come over on the weekends! Which kind of makes it a gift for you!

Remote Control Toys

Remote control pool toys are a fun way to repurpose your pool. There are tons of great options available from sail boats, to offshore boats to hydrofoils. You can even find motorized pool toys that fly as well, making them great even when the pool is closed!

Inflatable Theater

This isn’t exactly for the pool but it will make your friend’s backyard experience even better. Keep in mind that this gift can get expensive fast, especially if you are supplying the projector and speakers as well. But, if you are looking for a big surprise, this might be it!

Chlorine Removal Shampoo or Spray

This might not be the most exciting gift but it is very practical, especially for someone who spends a lot of time caring for their hair. Not only will these products help their hair smell better, it will help prevent any adverse effects associated with chlorine, such as turning blond hair green!


HeaterReader™ is a SMART pool device that retrofits to any pool heater or pump. It will let your friend control their pools heater and pump from anywhere in the world. That means no more crawling behind bushes to change the temperature. It also means that they will no longer get into the pool only to find out their heater wasn’t working. The HeaterReader™ will let them know when something is wrong.  

And, best of all, it will help them save money on their energy bill, meaning that this is a gift that keeps on giving.

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