Ensure Your Guests Stay Is The Best It Can Be With HeaterReader™

Having a pool, that your guests can relax in, is a great amenity for any hotel but they're also a lot of work.

And, if they're mismanaged, the resulting issues can have adverse affects on your guests overall stay, and your online reviews and ratings. 

With HeaterReader™ and the HeaterReader™ Control Centre you can reduce this risk! 

HeaterReader Control Centre helps you manage any number of pools HeaterReader™ lets you monitor and manage your pool's heater and pump, from anywhere in the world. Whether the pool is inside or out, you will be able to monitor temperatures, manage schedules and ensure your equipment is operating effectively.

And, if something does go wrong, you'll be the first to know, not your guests, because HeaterReader™ will send you an instant notification

Have multiple pools? With the HeaterReader™ Control Centre, you can manage any number of pools, in any number of locations, from one easy to use interface. 

From a corporate perspective, this will help you ensure that your brand representatives are managing their pools efficiently and providing the service you expect! You will know when the pools' equipment is being used and if your pools are being kept at the required temperatures. 

Plus, the HeaterReader™ will help you save more. Simply set a schedule to turn the heater down, when the pool is closed, and then turn it back up again, before the pool reopens in the morning. 


 Custom Schedules Set up to 12 schedules, for each system, to reduce your energy consumption and save money! 

 Notifications Know what is happening, as it happens, from heater start up to heater failure. No more surprises! 

 Easy Install The HeaterReader™ easily connects to any swimming pool heater and pump. Plus there's no reason to tear up landscaping to run new electrical.

 Cost Analysis Our App tells you how much it is costing you to operate your heater so you can adjust your schedules and save more! 

 Retrofits to Any Pool The HeaterReader is designed for the retrofit pool market and can be easily installed on any indoor or outdoor pool heater and pump system.

 Anywhere Access Manage one or more HeaterReader's™ from anywhere in the world using our HeaterReader™ SMART mobile app or HeaterReader™ Control Centre!

 Low Maintenance The HeaterReader™ is virtually maintenance free once installed.

HeaterReader Contol Centre Demo 

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